Hockey Legends

of Grande Prairie


What's In A Skate?


They were the Cadillacs of hockey skates. Billy Bessent is a war hero and could have been a poster boy for Tackaberry skates back in the 1940’s and 1950’s. He wore these Tacks while playing for teams like the Red Devils back in the day. Think of the stories these well worn skates could tell.


South Peace Senior Hockey

Grande Prairie Athletics
win NPHL championship


Fifty-eight years separate local hockey heroes, Dennis Rix and Dale Stokke but they have one thing in common. Both played significant roles in winning a league championship cup for the Grande Prairie Athletics. However, in 1961 the championship was determined in the board room - In 2019 it was won on the ice. Profiles of the players and other details from both series reflect the nature of senior hockey in the South and North Peace Hockey League over the years.


What's in a Ring?

Most of us enjoy memorabilia that remind us of important events, past achievements and friends. In the world of hockey trophies and rings are often provided and treasured by the recipients. We invite our readers to check out the most recent GP Hockey Legend posting, WHAT’S IN A RING? - under Stories that features the first Grande Prairie player who won a ring to commemorate his participation on a Stanley Cup winning team, the Grande Prairie Hockey Legend who has collected the most hockey rings and other interesting information surrounding hockey memorabilia.

Grande Prairie Knights from days gone by. A Grande Prairie Legend is in this photo and has four hockey rings. Can you identify him?

Check out the story and find out how much you know about several of our local ring collectors and some fascinating details about rings and hockey.

We also invite you to visit Revolution Place and check out the twenty-three GP Legends and memorabilia on display in the west hallway. Perhaps you have a contribution to enhance our growing collection. Also - perhaps you have a story to share with our readers about hockey memorabilia that you treasure (to contribute see contact under menu) on the Web Site. Photos of our Legends and other team photos from the past are also on display at the Coca Cola Centre in the Hockey Legend's Lounge.