Hockey Legends

of Grande Prairie

Rung  # 9 – The Hockey Legend

It is no mean feat to be nominated much less selected as a GP Hockey legend. Passing muster requires that a candidate’s history pass rigourous elements on a rubric scoring scale.

Considering the Murray Toews hockey resume and his long standing and continuous contributions to the Grande Prairie’s Hockey community to say nothing of his contributions to the business community it is not surprising that he rose to the top - like cream in a milk bottle. A few of his contributions and attributes are summarized below:
He distinguished himself while playing through the minor hockey program in Grande Prairie.

During his tenure with the GP North Stars Junior A hockey team he set records that have yet to be broken.

  • He left Grande Prairie to study and play hockey elsewhere, bringing credit not only to himself but to the communities of Wembley and Grande Prairie that nurtured him in his youth.
  • In Red Deer he established a strong reputation with the likes of Mike Babcock, presently Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Bill Peters Head Coach of the Calgary Flames.
  • He was designated by coaches and players alike to serve as captain for many of the teams on which he played.
  • He returned home upon graduation from college and devoted countless hours of valuable coaching time in the context of a game that teaches many important life skills. 
  • He has served on and provided leadership on many boards and committees to strengthen hockey organizations that serve the local young people of Grande Prairie.

One can say with confidence – Murray is well grounded and well rounded.

Rung # 10 – The Future

Consider this – Murray is but fifty-one years of age. In this era – given sturdy genes and a healthy life style that includes carefully chosen exercises and mental stimulation - he is but half way along his journey in life. Who do you know who is more active? Who do you know who has more activities to keep his mind active and engaged? Who do you know who has stronger family ties and dedicated friendships to support him? Who knows what further records he will set? Who knows how many more lives he will impact? Who knows how many more rungs will show up on his ladder – how far his ladder will extend? How fortunate that he chose the path he did and - how fortunate we are to have Murray as the 24th inductee into the GP Hockey Legend pool.

Murray was Inducted during an on ice ceremony when the Grande Prairie Storm hosted the Brooks Bandits at Revolution Place in a regular Alberta Junior Hockey League game on January 25, 2019. See the video below.

Video produced by Eric Hein, Business Manager of the Grande Prairie Storm. Sound by Ward Livingston

Grande Prairie Hockey Legends is researched, written and presented by Stan and Ron Neufeld