Hockey Legends

of Grande Prairie

In October of this year Clint will be back in his hometown for a second homecoming and be reminded of his colourful story and the support he enjoys in his childhood home. It will be homecoming like no other in which he will be smothered by family and friends including his Uncle Max Henning now 91 years old. Clint acknowledges the powerful, positive role that his family and friends in Grande Prairie have played in his life. In the same spirit Grande Prairie is eager to recognize the remarkable contribution that Clint continues to make to people in all walks of life who struggle with mental health issues. Clint is a man who has turned adversity in his life to his own advantage and in the process to the advantage of countless others – what a life! Grande Prairie is proud to recognize Clint Malarchuk as a native son. He will join his Uncle Max on Grande Prairie’s Hockey Hall of Fame on Oct. 3, 2015. Clint Malarchuk, Grande Prairie’s 23rd Hockey Legend.

Clint and Uncle Max

Clint at Uncle Max at his book signing in Grande Prairie. Photo by Stan Neufeld

Grande Prairie Hockey Legends is researched, written and presented by Stan and Ron Neufeld