Hockey Legends

of Grande Prairie

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Clint Malarchuk, Grande Prairie Legends of Hockey - Inducted into the Player Category, 2015

The Clink Malarchuk Story - Turning Adversity into Advantage

Clint Malarchuk Born May 1, 1961

His mother, extended family in Grande Prairie, hockey, horses, his wife, Joanie and now helping others are connecting links in the chain that unite chapters in the colourful life of Clint Malarchuk. How many kids do you know who were so determined to play hockey that they collected pop cans in order to purchase hockey equipment and help out at home? How many professional hockey players do you know who are as much at home in a saddle as they are in a goal net? How many hockey players do you know that were minutes, maybe seconds away from bleeding to death on the ice in front of countless thousands of fans, lived to play again in ten days and moved on? How many men do you know who felt so defeated and overwhelmed by emotional stress that a gun to the chin seemed to be the only way out – only to survive with a slug permanently lodged fractions of an inch from his brain and used that event to help de-stigmatize mental health challenges? How many people do you know who dredged up the courage to provide an unvarnished account of an early troubled home life and ongoing emotional struggles in a book that all but drained away his/her life? In the end sharing his story has enabled Clint to re-invent himself and provided him with a renewed and rewarding purpose for living. That purpose is realized when people who have read his book and attend his public speaking forums tell him that his story has saved their lives.