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Lorne Radbourne

Lorne Radbourne (1950 - )

The word COACH represents Lorne Radbourne’s defining attribute - in the classroom – as an administrator in the local public school district - in Grande Prairie’s political arena as a City Councillor and on the ice supporting the development of youth through hockey. He stays true to his passions which include family, education, serving the community and the sport of hockey.

Excluding three years while acquiring his B.Ed. and M.Ed. in School Administration Lorne has lived and served in Grande Prairie. He had an invitation to pursue a career on a larger stage as a hockey coach but chose instead to stay in his hometown and make his mark as an educator. He played through the ranks of minor hockey and began coaching at age sixteen. Along the way he conducted numerous hockey clinics and hockey schools. A highly competitive individual, Lorne expected nothing less from his players. Above all he insisted on team work, fair play and good sportsmanship. He served as a Director on the Junior A Storm Board - also as a Grande Peace Athletic Club Board member and as a member on the Hockey Alberta Foundation – in all forty-six years and counting.

Lorne began playing minor hockey in 1960 with GP Hockey Legend Roy Borstad as his coach. As a Midget he played for the Knights on the BAR line (Bangen, Auger and Radbourne).

Coaching flowed quite naturally from teaching and the love of sport. He coached hockey in Grande Prairie for twenty years - the Pee Wee Dukes, Bantam Elks, Midget Knights, Grande Prairie North Stars as well as his son Dean’s teams throughout his minor hockey years.

Lorne continues to be on the Board of the Hockey Alberta Foundation and is chair of the local committee that organizes the Every Kid - Every Community -Try Hockey program now called First Shift .

The Grande Prairie Hockey Legends program is proud to recognize Lorne’s outstanding contributions to the sport of hockey in Grande Prairie with a Life Time Achievement Award.

February 29, 2020
Stan and Ron Neufeld


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