Hockey Legends

of Grande Prairie

Episode Two - 1918-1945


One Hundred Years of Grande Prairie Hockey
A Puck Drops – The War Stops
Hockey Survives Two Wars and a World Wide Depression

Episode Two of One Hundred Years of Grande Prairie Hockey covers twenty-seven years from 1918-1945. Two World Wars are book-ends for a recession, the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression that ended with the beginning of WW11. This period coincides almost exactly with the life span of the Wapiti Arena: the only covered ice surface in the Peace Country at this time. This era gave birth to the Wheat Belt Hockey League (WBHL) the first successful league in the Peace Country and the colourful National Defense League (NDL) that took over from the WBHL during WW11. Grande Prairie’s first Hockey Legends were born and nurtured by a number of fabled hockey parents and volunteers whose stories are told. Tales from the period end with hockey overseas and at home during WW11. Young men returning from the war in Europe took up the game where they had left it upon joining the war effort and came home to set foundations for the Golden Years of Hockey in Grande Prairie which will be covered in a future Episode Three.

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